Eunice Chang: Give Back To Society

Many of us do not pursue a career in the area of our studies. And that’s perfectly fine. Because most of the time, we find ourselves on a better path.

As if all is meant to be.

Eunice graduated with a Diploma in Shipping Management. She has never set foot in the shipping industry.

About 12 years ago, Eunice joined the Mount Pleasant family a receptionist. It wasn’t her dream to work with animals. But over the years, the animals nudge their way into her  heart. And eventually, into her life.


“Many people think I’m fierce cos I don’t really talk a lot. Actually, I’m a very easy-going person.”

Today, Eunice is the Practice Manager at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Clementi). She handles all administrative and human resource matters for the team. Some days, you will see her at the Reception, chatting with regular clients. Something she still enjoys.

first came ETHAN 
Ethan was given up by his first family.

Ethan was given up at the clinic by his first family.

For  a family that never had dogs, it took some convincing before mom welcomed Ethan home. Very soon, Eunice’s sister grew very close to Ethan.

In his old age, Ethan underwent cystotomy to remove bladder stones. He also suffered 2 strokes.

“Ethan was a very greedy boy. He eats anything. So when he started to refuse food, we knew he was suffering. I am a practical person. I will not hang on just because my dog is still breathing. If he is suffering, I will choose to euthanise him.”

Eunice did not have to make that painful decision. Ethan passed away peacefully in his own time.

EDEN for new beginnings

We all cope with grief differently. You either hide all evidence and choose not to think or talk about your loss. Or you celebrate your pet’s life with photos, keepsakes and laugh over the good ol’ times.

Either way, I guess we all wonder: “Will I ever have another dog again?”

Eden is a submissive girl and reminds the family of Ethan.

Eden was named by Dr Cheryl Ho to signify her new beginning!

Eden found Eunice in 2012. She was rescued from a breeding farm with heart worms and very bad teeth.

“I wasn’t really looking for another Schnauzer. But when I heard that the rescuer could not afford treatment, I decided to take over Eden’s care. She is a very good girl and reminds us a lot of Ethan. Still quite timid. My mom loves her very much.”

A very cheerful Eden after grooming!

A very cheerful Eden after grooming. She has the most obliging soul.


“I love to cook! Since young, whenever mom is preparing meals, I will volunteer to help out and pick up cooking skills from her. When I have time, I experiment with new recipes with my siblings.”

Spring onion crusty flatbread and curry puffs from Chef Chang - looks yummy!

Spring onion crusty flatbread and curry puffs from Chef Chang – looks divine!


“I hope to take some time off, to do more voluntary work. Locally or overseas. Sort of a way to give back to society.”

Eunice with Dr Ang Yilin

Eunice with Dr Ang Yilin of Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Farrer)


Part of the happy family at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Clementi)!

Part of the happy family at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Clementi)!


Eunice first met Toto when he was rescued from the streets by local performing artist Jonathan Leong. In Jonathan’s own words: “My old buddy here is more than 10 years old now. He has brought much joy, love and companionship to my family.”


These are qualities we adore in our dogs. After spending a day with Eunice, you walk away, convinced, that she holds the same values. Dear to her heart.

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