Anchor & Guinness

The only fault of our pets? They do not live forever. Our only regret? We cannot change that reality.

As animal guardians and caregivers, we face death often more than once, in the journey with our pets. Life is short. Treasure every moment. And do not leave important things unsaid.

Shirley chats with us about the cats in her life. Past and present.


Anchor was seen by Dr Kasey Tan at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (North) for rhinitis (nasal inflammation) & high blood pressure. She is a grand dame at 20 years old.


Guinness the black cat was found as a kitten outside my office. He had a skin condition which was diagnosed as food allergy. Initially I wanted to bring him to SPCA. But by the time his skin cleared up, I decided to keep him and went to SPCA to get him a friend instead! Guinness ate only the best – no supermarket brands. 


“When I first met Anchor at SPCA, she was just a kitten, about 6 weeks young. She was every volunteer’s favourite – very playful, loved hide and seek, very manja.”


I read all I could about caring for cats, in as natural a way as possible, balancing her diet with natural food and only adding some processed food for convenience.


Just sitting pretty. 🙂


“Anchor was a great hunter when young. She would catch field mice, birds and lizards. Sometimes she stayed out all night, probably patiently stalking some prey. She only returned in the morning and spent the rest of the day snoozing.” 


Anchor getting all comfy in the wardrobe!

“Anchor is 20 years now. I am prepared for the inevitable.”

* Anchor lost her buddy last year when Guinness crossed the rainbow bridge at a grand age of 19.5 years. He was the oldest cat at the clinic. Shirley also adopted another handicapped cat named Stella.


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