Snowball & Brown Say “Thank You Dr Anthony Goh”



Hello from Ms Brown - Thanks to convey the message. Pls ask him also not to retire early.

Hello from Ms Brown. Please ask Dr Goh not to retire early!

“I would like to specially thank Dr Anthony Goh from Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang) on his consult and advice to both my Snowball and Brown Brown.

Snowball is 14 years old, a handicapped dog, and Brown is 12.5 years old. They are both mongrels. They are both getting old and there were some complications, but with the expertise of Dr Goh, they are still able to live their lives to the max.

I really hope to see more dedicated vets like Dr Goh in Singapore. I really admire his spirit and his dedication. Thumbs up Dr Goh. You are the best.”

Samantha Renee, Snowball and Ms Brown

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