Baffy Says “Thank You Dr Dennis Choi”


We adopted Baffy from Causes for Animals. No one knew his history. He was found in a forested area with a string around his neck, all skin and bones. This boy has never shown any aggression to human being or dog. All he does is love unconditionally.

With Dr Dennis Choi’s clear explanation of Baffy’s condition – oral tumour – we understand surgery will save his life, even if it means removing part of his jaw. Otherwise we might have been paranoid and perhaps too late to help him.

Baffy is now back home enjoying meat balls and soft foods. We cannot be more thankful. Never give up on your pets, especially when they are ill. They need us even more then.

Thank you Dr Dennis Choi and all the wonderful staff at Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang). Baffy‘s new lease of life is a gift from all of you. We are forever grateful! ❤️❤️❤️

Gwen, Fuwang and Baffy


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