Mousy Says “Thank You Dr Keshia Being”


My pet rat Mousy has passed away suddenly from seizure.  Her appetite was poor in past 2 weeks. I fed her baby food, oatmeal, ripe bananas, soft brown rice and yoghurt every 2 to 3 hours. Yesterday, Mousy refused food (still drink fluids), had laboured breathing and was pacing in the cage. I took her out and cradled her to sleep on my chest or lap throughout the day. Mousy was calmer and more relaxed when I massage her belly repeatedly. Had planned to bring Mousy to consult Dr Keshia Beng the following morning but around 9 pm, Mousy woke up from sleep, suddenly had seizure and stopped breathing.

Mousy’s sudden death was upsetting but upon reflection, I take great comfort that Mousy had a peaceful painless death with me cradling her in my arms. Prayers were conducted for Mousy under Buddhism rites and she was buried in the garden.

I would like to express my thanks to Dr Keshia Beng and other vets, technicians, nurses and reception staff at Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang) for the medical care extended to my pet Syrian hamsters and fancy rats Mickey and Mousy. Plus the emotional support to help me better cope with the grief over the past year. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Jasmine P’ng and Mousy

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