Qian Xun Says “Thank You Dr Germaine Lee & Dr Lesley Teo”

Qian xun

Deepest thanks to all the wonderful and passionate doctors, nurses and staff at Mount Pleasant (Whitley) for saving our dearest Qian Xun’s life. Especially Dr Germaine Lee & Dr Lesley Teo.

Despite all the risks and fearing the unknown, we placed Qian Xun’s life in your hands and with caring arms, you’ve brought him back to us, healthy and happier! Is time for 千尋 to say tHAnk yOu 🐾🐾

Watch Qian Xun’s video.

Wendy Tang and Qian Xun

2 thoughts on “Qian Xun Says “Thank You Dr Germaine Lee & Dr Lesley Teo”

  1. Wendy says:

    Thanks Dr Germaine Lee for her valued advices so to help me to make the right decision to go for the operation. If not, there will be no Qian Xun today… Dr Lee simply his guardian angel πŸ˜‡


  2. Angel Tang says:

    Love them, play with them, feed them, shower them… We do that all the time. But do bring them for checkup regularly as dog can’t tell if they are unwell, don’t abandon them especially during illness. Visit the vet frequently so that ur dog’s health is well taken care of.

    P.S. thx a bunch for saving my sister’s beloved son 千尋!


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