Sparky Says “Thank You Dr Tricia Ling”


Our beloved Shetland Sheepdog, Sparky, has been going to AMK Veterinary Surgery (now known as Mount Pleasant Vet Centre, Mandai)  since he was a puppy. When he was 13 years old, we met Dr Tricia Ling.

Dr Tricia is the most proactive, detailed and compassionate vet we’ve seen all these years. Instead of the usual and nonchalant “it is normal” or “it is like that” from other vets, Dr Tricia really spent time explaining her findings and showing us theoretical visuals to compare with Sparky’s.

My husband and I truly appreciate the patience and care Dr. Tricia and her team of vet techs had given to Sparky. He passed yesterday. Nevertheless, we sincerely felt he was in good hands.

We are grateful to Dr Tricia Ling and her team.

Laura and Sparky



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