Timmy WongChoy Says “Thank You Dr Cheryl Ho & Team”


I wish to thank the veterinary team at Mount Pleasant (Whitley) for the quality service provided to my dog for the past 4 months. My dog Timmy (mixed Whippet adopted from SPCA) was diagnosed with ischemia, where the tip of the tail was injured and difficult to heal.

In April, the vets treated the area and changed the dressing weekly. It recovered but due to excessive wagging, the area bled again. Later Dr Cheryl Ho suggested cutting off the tail by about 2 inches. After surgery, Timmy was hospitalised for two weeks.

During the 2 weeks, Timmy was well looked after and gained weight. The vets were caring and dedicated and kept me updated on Timmy’s condition. After returning home, Timmy needs to go for weekly change of dressing and his tail has recovered and fur has started to grow.

Thank you Dr Cheryl Ho, Dr Lesley Teo, Dr Estella Liew, Ling and all the technicians and assistants for providing excellent medical care and service. Much appreciated!

Keep up the good work.

Rosemary Yam & Timmy WongChoy

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