Mount Pleasant Gives Back 2017

Never stop GIVING BACK TO COMMUNITY.  As we step into the second quarter of 2018, let us encourage one another – vets, nurses, rescuers, caregivers – to keep doing what we do best. This is us giving back to our community animals in 2017. #MountPleasantGivesBack 

Dr Gloria Lee and her team at Mount Pleasant (Mandai) organised a Charity Bake Sale to raise funds for MercyLight Adoption and Yishun Tabby Cat.

“All stray feeders out there definitely know the importance of having reliable support from a veterinary clinic to assist and advise us in the area of dog rescue work. It can be very frustrating if we cannot be given a clear picture of a dog’s health status and options of treatment. But this team is wonderful – from the veterinarians themselves to the vet techs to the reception staff – patient, polite, humble, compassionate, forthright and most importantly, a heart for animals (dogs, cats, birds etc). Thank you Dr Gloria, Dr Kitty and your team! God bless you all.” ~ MercyLight Adoption 

Kind folks from MercyLight Adoption

Yishun 326 Tabby Cat with a very generous family – thank you Sab Hirma. See the awesome handcrafted cat houses by our Mandai team!

Our vet tech Wils with Ron from Yishun Tabby Cat. He was regurgitating and vomiting every day. Fluoroscopy confirmed an oesophageal stricture which prevented food from passing through normally. Dr Anthony Goh, Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang), immediately performed an endoscopically-guided balloon dilation to increase the diameter of the oesophagus at the stricture site. After 2 procedures, Ron is eating normally.

Brownie of Noah’s Ark CARES was treated for glaucoma – a condition where there is increased pressure within the eye.

The cornea is the transparent tissue at the front of the eye that lets light into the globe. It is composed of three main layers – epithelium, stroma, endothelium. A slit lamp allows our vets to evaluate your pet’s cornea with a high degree of magnification and resolution.

Senior dogs like Old Boy are prone to eye and joint problems. Dr Ang Yilin, Mount Pleasant (Farrer), diagnosed him with bilateral corneal endothelial degeneration which makes his eyes look cloudy due to fluid retention. There is no pain at this stage. Over time, small bubbles may form within the cornea that could rupture and lead to corneal ulcers. Old Boy goes back with eye ointment to help draw excess water out of the cornea, as well as medications and joint supplements to reduce inflammation and pain.

Cat Welfare Society has been working hard on the ground since 1999, advocating sterilisation, adoption and education to give our community cats a better future. Our teams at Mount Pleasant (North & Whitley) are happy to help CWS sterilise 9 lovely cats under #MountPleasantGivesBack.

Dr Chong Shin Min with Joy and Annie

Oscar, Ava and Mia have all been left behind when their families moved out or relocated. They are now safe with House Rabbit Society Singapore and sterilised by our team at Mount Pleasant (East).

Dr Sarah Wong gives the bunnies a thorough health check before surgery. Female rabbits can be spayed at around 6 months of age. Male rabbits can be neutered younger, once their testicles descend. Sterilised rabbits are generally healthier and calmer.

Gladys with Mia who is very adorable but overweight. That large dewlap (double chin) can make it difficult for her to eat or groom. Obesity in rabbits is usually due to inappropriate diet, e.g. too much pellets and treats, too little grass hay. Speak with your vet about the ideal weight and diet for your bunny.

Fei Fei of Noah’s Ark CARES was treated for skin allergies by our team at Mount Pleasant (Clementi).

Oscar of Noah’s Ark CARES. Besides food allergy, your dog may be scratching and chewing his skin or paws due to ticks, fleas or environmental allergens like pollen, dust mites, tobacco. Manage environmental allergens with regular vacuuming and switch to a novel protein if your dog has food allergies. Anti-inflammatory medication and gentle medicated shampoo provide some relief while giving your dog’s skin time to heal.

A full body shave, health check and blood tests revealed maggot wounds, bad teeth, as well as bronchitis, pneumonia and heartworm disease. Junior looks exhausted but remains sweet and cooperative. She stayed under the care of Dr Chan Mun Ling and team at Mount Pleasant (Bedok) until she was stable for home care.

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease caused by a parasite Dirofilaria immitis which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Left untreated, the worms cause lasting damage to the heart and lungs.

After 2 months of dedicated care by Liz and family, Junior’s health improved and she was ready for heartworm treatment under #MountPleasantGivesBack. Her new name is Maz – a spunky Star Wars character with a very long life.

Tricia with Christmas miracle orphan kitty Nimbus, Cara and Liz with Maz/Junior, Jasmine, Dr Chan Mun Ling with handicapped Hoppy – all rescued and happily adopted. THIS is why we must never stop giving back to community!

We welcome medical stories of your animal friends to educate and inspire others. Email us at and be part of Mount Pleasant community over at our Website and Facebook.

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