9 Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know


“Your pet wants you to have no regret & no sadness. They want you to know that these were their choices and you honored them perfectly. They want you to be happy again.”

Excerpt from the beautiful article: “9 Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know” by Susan Petruno.

1. There’s nothing that could have been done differently.
Everything that needed to happen, did. Your pet wants you to know there is absolutely nothing you, or anyone, could have done differently to save them. You did everything exactly right.

2. They chose you as their parent.
Your dog, your cat, your bird – chose you, as the one who would make them feel the most loved and bring them the most comfort and joy while they were here. And you did. Your pet wants you know that you are the perfect parent.

3. They understand your sadness but would rather see you happy.
Remember how, when they were alive, they would snuggle up next to you, sitting by your side (or on top of you), whenever you were feeling sad or feeling bad? They wanted to make you feel better *just like you thought* and they wished they could do something to make you happy then. And they still do, even now.

They don’t want their exit to have brought pain, in fact, no one does. But they understand that this is part of the process. They want you to remember the happy, love filled and joyous times you spent together. And look back upon them with gratitude and thanks.

4. They know you love them and hope you know they love you back.
Your pet doesn’t want you to wonder if they knew how much you loved them, they do. It is said that grief is the final gift of love given from one to another, and the depth of that grief is a measure of the strength of the love between the bond.


“Porsche taught me about love & loyalty. No matter what happened, I knew she loved me. She was my best buddy, my family.” ~ Jia Hui

5. They’re still right by your side.
You aren’t alone. They aren’t gone forever – they’re still right by your side. And they always will be, if you let them.

6. They still want to do things with you.
They’re still here, in spirit form, and they still enjoy your company and want to do the things you always did together. All you have to do to invite them along, is pat the couch beside you and encourage them to jump up, or give them the okay to hop out of the car and accompany you on the hike.

7. They don’t want you to regret the way that they died.
If you had to carry your dog into the vet to be put to sleep, your dog does not want you to regret this choice. It was their choice too, to be in your arms as they took their final breaths.

Your pet wants you to have no regret and no sadness. They want you to know that these were their choices and you honored them perfectly. 

8. They know you often loved them more than you loved yourself.
Even if you didn’t have proper food to eat, they know you somehow managed to buy them food and treats. Your pet knows you often showered them in more love than you ever showed yourself. This is exactly why you were the perfect choice as their parent, and they want to thank you for loving them even at times when it seemed so hard to love anything at all. 

9. They loved you more than they loved themselves.
You were always supportive, always loving, and always doting, even at times when you thought you weren’t. Your pet loved you, and loves you, more than they ever loved themselves.