Dr Chan Mun Ling: Happy Mother’s Day!

Fine traditions never grow old. This weekend, we send best wishes to all mothers (including pet moms!) and celebrate one of ours, the exuberant and warm Dr Chan Mun Ling, who always makes everyone feel welcomed. Happy Mother’s Day!


I knew I wanted to be a vet since I was 4 years old

The best part of being a vet is the satisfaction of seeing a patient getting well and the happiness and relief it brings to the family. The toughest part has to be parting with patients I have formed a bond with.


Dr Chan Mun Ling with her team at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Bedok) & Dachi’s family after her spay.


Dr Chan with vet technician Rodarick & One-Tooth Kayla.


Dr Chan has been with Mount Pleasant since 2004. Here with Millie Bella.

on the way to motherhood 
My wedding, with parents and sis. 2007

The big day! Dr Chan with her parents & sister on her wedding day (2007).

Mom and i at home. 2009

Dr Chan with her mom & Biscuit (2009).

Dr Chan & husband Junwen with their daughter Yi Tian, from 1 month to 5 years!

Dr Chan & husband Junwen with daughter Yi Tian, from 1 month to 5 glorious years!

the sweetest moment of motherhood?

It has to be hearing Yi Tian saying, “I love you, mommy. I want to be with your everyday!” The toughest part of motherhood? Disciplining her and imparting good values. 

the best gift for our family is our time

We work long hours and weekends at the clinic. I pre-arrange my social schedule to ensure I spend at least part of all off days with my daughter. I also wake up early in the morning to spend some time with her and get her ready for school. Every evening, I will read her two story books before bedtime.

science centre water park 2013

“When Yi Tian was growing up, I have fond memories of her looking up at me, laughing & hugging me. But she was so small, she could only hug my legs! I wish to impart values of patience, perseverance & compassion to her.”

yi tian grew up with blackie and biscuit

When Yi Tian was younger, she could not understand how to be gentle with Blackie and Biscuit. She kept pulling their tails and ears but Blackie and Biscuit tolerated it. Now she is better . She walks Biscuit at the park everyday, shares her snacks and will try to carry her up the stairs (Biscuit is old now and has difficulty getting up stairs).

Dr Chan’s daughter Yi Tian grew up with Biscuit who was found roaming the streets 8 years ago. Yitian walks Biscuit daily at the park. It is a great way to know the neighbourhood kids when they come over to play with Biscuit!

Yi Tian grew up with Biscuit who was found roaming the streets 8 years ago.

Blackie, 3-legged cat 2008

Blackie, the 3-legged cat, who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


By including Yi Tian in the daily care of Biscuit like feeding, walking and bathing, she learns good values like responsibility, patience, empathy and compassion. The emotional bonding also helps to increase her confidence and improve her social skills with people. It will be very sad when Yi Tian loses Biscuit one day but she will learn about mortality and to accept loss in life.

Feeding cat at malaysia chalet 2015

Feeding a community cat. Future vet in the making?


“Women can be successful at their careers & also be good wives & mothers. Manage your time well. Take steps to lessen stress & keep up a personal hobby & exercise. I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities like rock climbing & backpacking.” Dr Chan with her Bedok team at one of their regular team-bonding activities.

do not procrastinate

Whether for work or family life, if you want something done, it is best to focus and do it quickly yourself. Do not procrastinate. Accept that obstacles may appear and simply do your best to manage it.

my message to all mothers on mother’s day

Live in the moment and appreciate the joy of family!