Dr Gabrina Goh: No Regrets

They say your first job is quite like your first love. Fresh, exhilarating, rewarding. You willingly give the best hours of your day. Sacrificing sleep and vacation, just to nurture it.

There are many years to grow our career. If we want our “first love” to endure the challenges of time, we may need to pace ourselves. And find other “loves” in our life. 

I have always wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember.  

I literally grew up in the zoo! My father was the marketing director at Wildlife Reserves Singapore when I was young so I grew up amongst people who are passionate about their jobs and animals. I was at the zoo every weekend at the very least and during my school holidays. That was where my passion for animals began, from little furry ferrets to komodo dragons.


“As I grew older, my passion for animals grew stronger. I survived through school with the aim of becoming a veterinarian!”


I had pet hamsters and turtles, along with the occasional frog, butterfly or fish. When I was 16, my parents finally agreed to a pet dog. G.G. and Gust are two beautiful, hyper but loyal Jack Russell Terriers. My dogs have always been a big part of my life.  Studying overseas for my veterinarian degree was hardest because of them – I might have missed them more than I missed my family, friends or local food!


IMG_5382 “Despite being surrounded by dogs & cats at work, nothing beats going home to my very own pup, Gust.”

I have been a vet for 3 months now. as with any job, it has its ups & downs.

I have learnt about diseases in textbooks and lectures. Seeing real life patients is completely different. It is a challenge not only to deal  with the medical aspects of cases but also the emotional and financial situations of our clients.


“It is a joy to witness the bond between clients & their pets. I am proud to be a part of the journey, helping each animal to the best of my abilities.”



Working & celebrating with the family at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (North)!

We only have one life. It’s completely up to us how we want to live it. 

I strongly believe in having a good work-life balance. Outside of work, I enjoy sports such as wakeboarding, cycling and diving. I also love shopping and chilling out with friends over a couple of beers.


“I  believe in living life with no regrets. Trying out new things with a gung ho spirit.”


Diving with wobbegong & grey nurse sharks at Byron Bay in Australia.


Snorkelling with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef in Australia.


Dr Gabrina has quite an artistic streak too!

Whenever I can, I volunteer with animals around the world.

I have volunteered with fairy penguins at Phillip Island, turtles in Bundaberg, Asian elephants in Thailand to name a few. I cannot wait to do more! It’s exciting to learn about different species in the wild and fulfilling to contribute to nature, in big or small ways.


The Surin Project is a new & innovative project focused on finding solutions to the challenges faced by mahouts & their elephants in Surin province in North-Eastern Thailand. It is committed to improving the living conditions of Asian elephants & providing sustainable economic revenue for their mahouts in the local community.”


Volunteering with “Free The Bears” in Cambodia & fairy penguins in Phillip Island.


Morili is one of three sister Servals at Werribee Open Range Zoo, hand raised from birth.


Nothing much. Just hanging out with alpacas on a farm in Queensland, Australia! 🙂

I am quite a self-motivated person & often give myself small or big goals to work towards.

If I do face any setbacks, I know my family and close friends will stand by me, to guide me through. For inspiration, I definitely look up to my grandmother who is always there for me all these years. She has been through a lot and is the strongest person I know. I hope I make her proud.

“When you look back in life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.”

“I have no idea how the next few years of my life will be. But I know the journey will be an exciting one!”