Dr Nathalee Prakash: Be Thankful

There is no fast track to true success and that is a good thing. Because along the journey, we grow through lessons of faith, courage, sacrifice. And maybe, most important of all, gratitude. 

Love what and who you have. Be thankful for everything in your life. 


Now I am thankful that I am able to care and give back to the animals that do so much for our society. Being a veterinarian is not just another job. It is a vocation.

Later, when it became a serious consideration, I chose to pursue a veterinary degree because I enjoyed problem solving.

I spent my childhood trying to convince my parents it was feasible to have a horse tied to a tree below my apartment block.

My parents finally allowed us to get a dog when I was 17. Ember loved to swim in the ocean, destroy walls, furniture and paper, and steal food off tables. He had eaten things he shouldn’t have including clothes pegs, porcelain figures, pencils and Chinese herbs, all of which fortunately passed out uneventfully.


“Ember was a free-spirited & rambunctious Cocker Spaniel.”

I got Tate, my second Cocker, after I started my residency in Melbourne. An accident as a pup resulted in three surgeries on his leg and residual joint issues. Tate has been by my side throughout my residency – sitting patiently under my desk and sacrificing his walks and beach outings whilst I studied for exams.

sitting on beach_colour

“I love being around water. I unwind by going to the beach or to the lakes for walks & watch Tate run like a crazed nut. “


“Unfortunately, he also loves mud & rolling in smelly things!”


“Participating in Obedience & Rally-Obedience with Tate allows us to work as a team. It teaches me patience, trust, discipline & understanding. Tate won his first ribbon in 2012!”

I chose to do a residency & PhD to further develop myself in the area of veterinary medicine I was interested in, particularly gastroenterology, neurology & urology.

Internal medicine provides the intellectual challenge of problem solving, as well as the ability to develop a relationship with owners and their pets. It involves further training in various medical sub-specialties including cardio-respiratory medicine, endocrinology, immunology, nephrology and urology, gastroenterology, neurology so that we can assess our patients holistically to make appropriate recommendations for each individual.


With the team from Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre before leaving for a 3-year residency in the University of Melbourne. [Dr Dennis Choi, Dr Anthony Goh, Dr Nandini Mudeliar, Dr Nathalee Prakash]


“My aim was to essentially become a good clinician & provide the best standard of care I can.” Dr Nathalee Prakash is a Veterinary Specialist in Canine Medicine & is available for referral at Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (Gelenggang).

Being good at something requires sacrifice.

I had to sacrifice money, time with family and friends, and the opportunity to do surgery, which I used to enjoy. Preparing for Board exams is a stressful process. But in return, I gained friends, created wonderful memories and have been given opportunities I never would have had as a non-resident.


“I draw strength from family & friends in Singapore & Australia, resident mates & supervisors. I would not be where I am today without them.”

Music has always been a part of my life.

I enjoy concerts and playing duets and trios with friends. I was in the band in secondary school and college and have been studying the flute since I graduated. This has been put on hold due to residency and exams but I will be picking up on my passion next month!


I focus on goals rather than tasks. So if there are road bumps along the way, I won’t lose sight of where I’m headed.

“Many have gone before me & succeeded. I really have no excuse. I remind myself to be thankful & not take for granted the things that are going well in my life.”