Jasmine Wong: As Long As I’m Needed

To many, a job is just a job. A colleague just a colleague.

But some like Jasmine understands that we are happiest and at our very best when we are doing what we love. With people who love it as much as we do.


Maro the Maltese. Jasmine’s full-time best friend & part-time receptionist at Mount Pleasant (Bedok)!

I love animals since young. After various jobs in medical centres  and dental clinics, I finally realised my dream of working with animals in 2007 at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre. I first started at the Clementi branch as a receptionist, before transferring to Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Bedok).


Kitties & bunnies fostered by Jasmine.

The black kitten was found by a lady, all alone under a block of flats . She could not keep him and I felt compelled to help. I took the kitten home and nursed him for the next 2 months before my colleagues found him a family.


Maro with 3-legged Poyo.

Poyo was a community cat cared for by an elderly auntie. One day, she found Poyo badly injured and brought her in for treatment. Poyo’s right hind leg had to be amputated. She also appeared to have spinal problems. 


Maro & Poyo checking out Cofy the bunny.

After surgery, Poyo needed long term care. Initially, she was unfriendly and difficult to handle. But over time, Poyo mellowed and we grew attached to her. Auntie agreed to let me keep Poyo since she could not be released to the streets. My dog Maro was nonchalant when I brought Poyo home and Poyo was comfortable with Maro. All works out and Poyo is family ever since. 


I am grateful for the opportunity to help animals get well & see their families happy. This is Dachi going home after spay.

Dr Chan Mun Ling is my mentor during my early years with Mount Pleasant (Bedok). She was so patient, slowly showing me the ropes. Who would have thought that a girl who did not complete secondary school can do all this. I am where I am now because of Dr Chan and my colleagues.


I hope to continue working with animals and my team for as long as I can. It is not easy to come across a team like this. We not only work together as colleagues, we are friends outside of work. Like a family.


What’s my philosophy in life?

This may sound cheesy but I believe that “As long as I’m needed in your life, I’ll always be there for you. For you never walk out of me when I need you.” 

Not cheesy at all, Jasmine!

Life is not just about us but everyone else. Especially our family. And the friends we choose.