Jonna Lim: Life Is A Marathon

No matter how passionate you are about your career,  we all need a break sometimes.

A break to do something new. Something different. Or nothing at all.

Jonna joined Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East) in 2000 as a receptionist, fulfilling her dream of working with animals. Since young, Jonna’s home is a haven to many pets – hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and her most favourite of all – Shih Tzus!

“Kiki was found by my friend’s friend but they couldn’t keep her. My dog had just passed away so I went to meet Kiki. She was really adorable and I took to her immediately.”

“Kiki had very dry eyes. I only realised her sight was affected when she fell into a drain. I taught her to understand the word ‘Step’. Now whenever we reach a drain, I say ‘Step’ and she would make a small leap across the drain.

Kiki was a very sweet girl, no fuss at all. We had a good 6 years with her before she passed away.”


Milo is a regular client at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East) – a very cheerful boy who started Staycations @ Jonna’s!

“I always play with Milo when he comes for reviews for his liver problem. Once he had an appointment on my off day. I purposely went down to the clinic just to see him!

Milo’s owner then suggested that Milo stays with me whenever the family travels. Of course I said yes! And so the staycation begins.”


Jonna has a (very, very, very) soft spot for Shih Tzus. Farewell pic with a client’s dog Tiger before he flies across the causeway!

Besides Shih Tzus, another thing that makes Jonna’s heart thump abit faster is……Hello Kitty!


A girl can never have too many Hello Kitties, you say?


Now you know what to get Jonna for birthdays and Christmases.

In 2007, Jonna decided to take a break which turned out to be a 5-year gap. She returned to Mount Pleasant in 2012 and now helps to train new receptionists in their roles.

“Animals will always be my first love. I enjoy reading up on various medical conditions and interacting with our clients and their pets. To work in a vet clinic, you need to have a compassionate yet not too emotional heart. Confidence and a willingness to learn.”

The Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East) team led by Dr Audrey Loi, Dr Sarah Wong and Dr Ng Yilin.

Yimin, Syahidah, Clara, Moe, Jonna.

Frontliners and Super Supports: Yimin, Syahidah, Clara, Moe, Jonna.

Our Mount Pleasant family is growing!

Our Mount Pleasant family is growing! Moe, Gladys, Jonna, Nelli, Andy, Dr Sarah Wong, Dr Ng Yilin and special guest Baby AJ.

Life is not about doing extraordinary things. It is doing what you love and having the determination and stamina to stick with your dream.

This ain’t a 100m dash. So rest if you are tired. Get away for a week. A month. A few years even.

Just remember to return when you are ready to continue the marathon. Like Jonna did. Happier and grittier than before.