Snag The 3-Legged Singapore Special

Look for the good in people and you will surely find it.

Snag was rescued by the folks of Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East). He was limping along a street, dragging a snare caught tightly around his leg.

Snag may have lost a limb. But gained a big family at Mount Pleasant East!


When Snag was brought back to Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East), he was very thin, forlorn & didn’t want any human interaction. But he would allow the team to treat his wound. Just a gentle ol’ soul, lost & scared in his new environment.


Snag managed to get away only because he gnawed off the other end of the snare. The authorities have been informed.


The wire had cut right through the flesh & muscle in Snag’s leg.


The team tried to save Snag’s leg by managing the wound but it was already badly infected. Gangrene had set in. Snag also has heartworms & is currently on medication for a “slow kill” treatment.


Snag’s badly infected leg had to be amputated. Amputation may also be recommended for dogs with cancer (e.g. osteosarcoma), severe trauma (e.g. multiple fractures) or birth defects.

“We amputated Snag’s leg at the proximal humerus (just below the shoulder joint). If he goes to an animal sanctuary or somewhere outdoors, there is the scapula bone to protect his chest from trauma.” ~ Dr Audrey Loi

As in humans, dogs can be fitted with a prosthetic leg following an amputation. An adequate stump is needed to fit the prosthesis. However, this procedure is not suitable for all pets. It also requires diligent care to ensure the remaining stump is not traumatised during daily activities or subjected to pressure sores.


A few weeks later, Snag (with Maya) is looking happier & healthier!

Dogs bear more than 50% of body weight on their front legs. Snag may need more time to adjust, balance & move around, as compared to rear limb amputees. Keeping him trim will put less stress on the joints of his remaining three limbs. We will follow up on Snag’s progress and update on his future plans!

We took the opportunity to speak with Lillian Wang from Three Legs Good about her experience with disabled dogs. Three Legs Good is an animal welfare group that focuses on raising awareness, education, fund-raising for medical needs and finding homes for injured and disabled dogs. 

“From my experience, dogs who have gone through an amputation are up on their feet remarkably quickly. Of course, it would be easier for younger and healthy dogs. Usually it is the humans who have a problem accepting the amputation. The dogs are happy they are no longer in pain and can get on with their lives!” ~ Lillian


Snag with Toby. Toby & Maya were rescued as puppies 2 years ago. Maya has seizures which makes it tough for her to find a home. Both of them are happy residents at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East)!


Snag with Marc the Dachshund who was given up by a breeder because he was oversized & not ideal for sale. When you are ready for a pet, do consider adoption.

Poppy is another Singapore Special tripawd who lost her forelimb to osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

Poppy is another Singapore Special tripawd who lost her forelimb to osteosarcoma (bone cancer).


Haloumi, Dr Cheryl Ho’s (Mount Pleasant Central Veterinary Clinic, Whitley) adopted Greyhound, lost her hind limb to osteosarcoma.

Meet some of the lovely rescued dogs from Three Legs Good: Mochi, Dinah, Grady & Zora! Contact Three Legs Good to adopt or support their work!

Some of the tripawds & disabled dogs from Three Legs Good: Mochi, Dinah, Grady & Zora! Contact Three Legs Good to adopt or support their work! (Photo credits: Mochi – Nicholas Koh, Dinah – Furry Photos)

“The best thing we can do for a dog who has had an amputation is not to feel sorry for it! Treat the dog perfectly normally. A 3-legged dog is really no less able than a 4-legged one. Dogs adapt amazingly well. They don’t worry about having 3 legs. They don’t look back!” ~ Lillian

meet the big family at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East)!

The team at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East): Moe, Gladys, Jonna, Nelli (Gelenggang), Andy, Dr Sarah Wong, Dr Ng Yi Lin & Andy Jr!


Clara, Yimin, Syahidah, Dr Ng Yilin & Zen’s rescuers.

Andy, Dr Sarah Wong, Moe, Dr Iin with Tilala!

Andy, Dr Sarah Wong, Moe, Dr Iin with Kilala!


Dr Audrey Loi (top L) with her team at work.


The fur kids of MP East’s staff: Club Jr the Singapore Special who is going to his new home soon, Ellie the Poodle, Momo the Chihuahua, Marley & Xena the Miniature Schnauzers!