When Bunny’s Gut Turns Sluggish


Kili is a shy one and likes to hide under the sofa when he is out of the playpen.

Kili the Rex Rabbit is rescued by House Rabbit Society Singapore and currently under foster care. For the past few days, he has been eating lesser than normal.

Dr Heng Yee Ling palpated his abdomen and could feel an accumulation of faeces. Improper diet, stress, ingested hair or dental issues can cause Gastrointestinal Stasis in rabbits.

To keep your bunny’s digestive system working smoothly:

  • decrease pellets
  • increase fiber intake with fresh hay and vegetables
  • increase water consumption
  • increase exercise

Kili will also be given small amounts of fresh pineapple juice to help loosen and soften any impacted mass of food or hair.

For more information on rabbit care and to adopt a rabbit for life, visit House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS).