Remembering Porsche

Since I was a kid, I loved animals. At the age of 18, I adopted my first dog, Porsche, from a breeder. She was the outcast as she was oversized and had a terrible skin condition.

I always believe in adopting. There are too many abandoned, homeless, sick pets out there waiting for good homes.


When I got home, Porsche would always welcome me at the door. To be greeted by her was the highlight of my day. Whenever I can, I would bring her out to see the world. 

Last Christmas, Porsche started limping. We thought she might have a sprain or dislocated her shoulders. Radiographs were inconclusive and she got better with anti-inflammatory medications. But by Chinese New Year, she was limping badly again. This time, we discovered a lump near the shoulder. Tests were suggestive of bone cancer, possibly osteosarcoma. She was just 8 years old.

Osteosarcoma develops deep within the bone and is a very painful tumour. As the bone is destroyed, it tends to break with minor injury. Osteosarcoma spreads rapidly, especially to the lungs.


Porsche’s cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. We decided to let her live her last days happily, with no amputation or chemotherapy. Pain medication made her condition easier to bear.

As days went by, Porsche became anaemic and started displaying symptoms of fluid retention (swelling around her neck).  She could not walk and would lie on the floor, calling out for us when she was uncomfortable or needed to pee or poo. I had to flip her over every few hours to prevent pressure sores.

One night, Porsche passed on peacefully in her sleep.


Porsche taught me about love & loyalty. No matter what happened, I knew she loved me. She was my best buddy, my family.

Now when I come home everyday, I would take a look at Porsche’s urn and greet her. Just like how she used to greet me, it is now my turn to do the same.

Thank you for staying by my side till your last breath. I could never ask for a better friend than you. I love you, Porsche.

Tok Jia Hui, Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (Gelenggang)