Midnight’s Morning Mishap

Imagine the horror when you realise your car wheel has just rolled over your dog…..This was what happened a few days ago at the Ang residence.

Midnight the Poodle was lying under the family car that morning, unnoticed by all. When Ms Ang started the engine and began to drive off, she heard Midnight yelping as he scrambled out from beneath the car.

Midnight was rushed to Mount Pleasant Central Animal Clinic (Whitley)


Blood tests, X-rays & ultrasound were done. Midnight suffered minor lacerations on his hind leg, abrasion of his abdomen & scrotum, & mild pulmonary contusion (bruising of the lungs).


Injuries from trauma may take 24 to 72 hours to be detectable. Midnight was hospitalised to monitor & stabilise his respiratory function & put on  intravenous drip, antibiotics & pain control. With supportive care, pulmonary contusion usually heals on its own. (with Justin, Temasek Polytechnic Vet Tech student-on-attachment)

If your pet is involved in a road traffic accident (RTA):
  • Approach your pet slowly.  Pick him up carefully (use a towel if necessary) to avoid aggravating any injuries.
  • If your pet appears to have a back injury, find a firm surface such as a board.  Do not bend the back in any way.
  • Put on a muzzle if possible. An animal in pain is more likely to bite when handled.
  • Keep your pet calm and quiet. Speak softly. 
  • If your pet is bleeding, put on a bandage (improvise with a towel or some clothing) and apply pressure. 
  • Do not offer water or food in case general anaesthesia is needed at the vet hospital.
  • If your pet is in shock, keep him warm with a blanket. Massage the legs and body to encourage blood flow.  Signs of shock include: cold body, weak & rapid pulse, shallow & rapid breathing, pale or muddy gums.
  • If your pet is not breathing, perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) immediately.
  • Rush your pet to the nearest vet clinic. For after hours, you can bring your pet to Mount Pleasant After Hours Emergency Clinic at 232 Whitley Road S297824. Tel 6250 8333.

A couple of useful videos:




Midnight has been stable & on Friday, he was discharged.  Linn-I looks very grateful to the 2 men who are helping her best friend. 🙂


Dr Estella Liew explains the home care Midnight needs until he comes back for review next week. By then, his lung bruisings should have resolved sufficiently so that he can be sedated for Dr Estella to stitch up the wound.


Always beautiful to see children & animals together. (Verg, our Vet Tech with Midnight, Linn-I & Shen-I.)

"Collect moments. Not things."

“Collect moments. Not things.”


Linn-I cannot bear to let Midnight out of her sight for even one second. Such sweet love. Rest well Midnight. See you next week!