Super Mommy Dr Kitty Huang: Happy Mother’s Day!

With two very young boys who still wake up at different hours through the night, we salute Dr Kitty Huang’s unwavering passion to rescue and foster homeless cats. Many have found happy homes because she never stops what her very own mom has started. Happy Mother’s Day Dr Kitty. We hope you get the gift you really want – SLEEP! 

Why you choose to be a vet?

A major contributing factor is definitely my mother’s influence. She is a passionate stray cat carer and I always enjoyed tagging along with her during the feeding rounds. During one of these feeding rounds, when I was about 10 years old, we came across a litter of kittens abandoned in the refuse bin to die.

We brought the kittens home to foster and tried to nurse them back to health. Unfortunately, their condition worsen after a few days and we had to bring them to a vet. The vet caringly advised that we were not bottle feeding them enough and the hot water bag meant to keep them warm and comfortable was too hot resulting in minor burns on their paws and skin.

Observing how the vet cared for and helped the kittens back to health, coupled with the passion for animals influenced by my mother, I was inspired to be a vet so I can help and care for these little friends.

what’s the greatest joy and challenge at work?

Without a doubt, the greatest satisfaction is to see my patients get better after their treatments and witnessing improvements in their condition. And of course, the joy and smile on the owner’s face.

Dr Kitty Huang with Dr Loh Hui Qian, Mount Pleasant (Mandai), examining some cats rescued by Cat Welfare Society.

Unfortunately, life is never a bed of roses. Due to varying reasons such as financial constraints, commitment towards care, temperament of patient, and differing views from owners etc., we are not always able to proceed with ideal treatment plans.

” It can be frustrating and challenging when the ideal treatment plan needs to be altered. In the end, all we want is to keep our patients comfortable and give them a good quality of life.”

what’s the Toughest part of being a working mum?

Juggling between work and quality family time with my boys and hubby. On top of that, it feels like I am doing After Hours every single night! Waking up multiple times through the night to comfort and make milk for the two boys at different hours is no joke – really tiring!

“I am very lucky to have an understanding boss & supportive team at Mount Pleasant (Mandai). The relatively flexible work shifts definitely help my time management.”

“Most importantly, utmost understanding from hubby and family support in caring for my boys when I am at work or need to work late due to emergencies.”

what’s your sweetest memories of motherhood?

Witnessing all the milestones achieved by my boys and seeing them grow up, mingle and love our resident cats and dogs at home.

any Advice to other working mums?

As much as possible, leave work at work and bring only happiness and positivity back home. Spend quality time with kids and not forgetting the husband! Most importantly, catch up on sleep whenever you can. If I can buy time for sleep – I would!