Super Mommy Hai Ning: Happy Mother’s Day!

The best kind of mommies care for all kinds of babies! This week, we catch up with some of our Super Moms at Mount Pleasant. Happy Mother’s Day, Hai Ning!

The best kind of mommy cares for all kinds of babies!

what’s the toughest part of being a working mom?

Lethargy! I’m basically working 24/7. After I knocked off from my day job at Mount Pleasant (Clementi), I start my second job as mummy to 2 young kids. Receiving help from my family and close friends  really eases my burden.

“I’m really thankful to my colleagues, especially Eunice and Felicia, for always reaching out when they see me struggling.”

Dazzel enjoying some TLC after a surgery to remove a tumour

what is your sweetest memories of motherhood?

When my son wanted to pat me to sleep instead of me patting him to sleep! I think that’s a very sweet gesture.

Hai Ning’s son with Feliz

Hai Ning’s son with Amour

Hai Ning’s daughter with a foster kitty

What advice would you give young women?

Marry someone who is a hands-on hubby and will share your burden, in terms of household chores and taking care of kids. It will really lighten your workload.

I live by the motto “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”. I have to and will be strong for my kids!