Thank You Andy & Guan Wei!

“I always remind juniors we are not just ordinary colleagues. We are family.” Today we say THANK YOU to Andy and Guan Wei from Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East)! Whether you live your life one day at a time or actively change things for the future, these two young men have one thing in common – they follow their heart, set out to help animals and are doing a great job at that!



“Growing up, I helped my dad on his pig farm in Philippines. After completing my veterinary studies, I went to Dubai to work for a year before joining Mount Pleasant in 2008.” ~ Andy


“Working in a vet clinic can be difficult sometimes. I’m a jolly person & won’t let bad things affect my personality.”


“I don’t mind being the clown at work to neutralise any stressful situations.”


“It is rewarding to see animals recover from critical diseases & seeing the family’s happy faces. But we do encounter frustrating cases where animals suffer from irresponsible owners or when clients insist on consulting Dr Google. If I’m not a vet tech, I would like to teach in a veterinary school.”


“I always remind juniors we are not just ordinary colleagues. We are family. Whatever they feel or think affects members of the family. I encourage them to enjoy what they are doing & they will not feel that they are working.” Andy sharing about compassion fatigue with his colleagues.


“What makes me happy? Meeting my wife Nelli at Mount Pleasant!”


“Everyday struggles in life inspire me to do better for the future. My inspiration is always my family – Nelli, AJ & our second child on the way!”


“A quote that inspires me? Love the life that you lead & lead the life that you love.”


“When I was young, I read a storybook about animals & knew that I wanted to help animals. I joined Mount Pleasant in July 2011.” ~ Guan Wei


“I like dogs but my parents do not want any pets at home. So I decided to be a vet tech & work with animals.”


“It is rewarding when very sick animals get better & can be discharged. Also when clients appreciate what we are doing to help their pets.”


Appreciation also comes from our patients! Ruffy is here for her regular electro-acupuncture sessions with Dr Audrey Loi & all she wants is affection & belly rubs from Guan Wei.


“I live my life one day at a time. I enjoy going for a swim, reading manga or watching anime in my free time. If I can be anything in the world, I want to be an archaeologist. To travel around the world, go for archaeology digs & learn about what happened in the past.”




Some of the furries at the East: Marc, Xena, Marley, Macie, Bucho, Ellie, Toby, Maya!


Well, at the end of the day, guess we know who’s actually the boss! 😉