Thank You Joyce, Grandex, Pong!

“The most useful asset of a person is not a head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, with ears open to listen and hands willing to help.” Today we say thank you to Joyce, Grandex and Pong from Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (North)!


“Being a medical technologist by profession, I was more comfortable & adept at working with humans. When I joined Mount Pleasant in November 2009, my perception about animals took a 360 degree turn. I learn to love & appreciate animals more.” Joyce with Janice of Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (North).


“Taking care of animals through my work in Mount Pleasant taught me to be more compassionate & appreciate life more. Loving & caring is not confined to humans. We can also share & give our love to animals. I discovered a deeper, more profound compassion within myself. I even adopted two wonderful furbabies, Adrianna & Alonso.”


“I am very proud to be called their mom, they are part of my family now. I consider them my furry therapists because they give me a sense of healing every time I feel homesick & miss my Dad so much. He passed away two years ago.”


“I had wanted to be a doctor, specifically a pediatrician because I love kids. Being with & taking care of kids make me happy. I think it is innate in me, taking care of people. Now I am grateful to be working with a professional & supportive team, happily taking care of these wonderful creatures. I have no regrets!”


“My family is definitely my inspiration, especially my parents. They love me unconditionally & taught me to be selfless. Those characteristics inspire me to always be grateful, value life & keep on evolving as a better person. I lost my dad 2 years ago. Despite his physical absence, he lives on in my heart. I admire my mom more than ever. I know it is really hard for her losing the love of her life & best friend but despite the pain, she remains strong for me & my siblings.”


“Only those who are very close to me know I have an artistic side. I love graphic arts & photography. Every time I witness or experience beautiful things or events, I capture it in order to preserve the memories. Now, I always make sure I capture every beautiful moment with Adrianna & Alonso & share it with my loved ones & friends through social media – my platform to spread good vibes & happiness.”


“I live by this quote: The most useful asset of a person is not a head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, with ears open to listen and hands willing to help. No matter how intelligent a person is, if he or she doesn’t know how to love & care for others, everything becomes senseless. Intelligence is superficial & temporary. But when the love & care we impart to people & animals is paid forward, it becomes eternal.”


“I grew up having pets & surrounded by farm animals.” ~ Grandex


“I joined Mount Pleasant in May 2014. It is a very good feeling, seeing pet owners happy when their furbabies recover from sickness.”


“Some days, we do see stray animals with medical conditions but they have no caregivers to shoulder the medical responsibilities. It is also frustrating seeing animals in a tough fight against cancer.”


“My parents inspire me a lot. They encourage me to finish my education & inculcate good values in me.”


“It makes my family happy when they see me enjoy what I do. Through the years, I learn to appreciate what I have & live a simple life.”


“I love animals & during my childhood, we kept pets & livestock. Letting our livestock out of their pens & keeping them back at night is something I always looked forward to. They always cheered me up.” ~ Pong


“If I am not a vet tech, I would love to be a farmer with my own integrated farm.”


“I joined Mount Pleasant in March 2014. Meeting different animals everyday – especially when sick pets get better – makes me smile, no matter how stressful or tiring the day is.”



“My father is a carpenter. My mom sells rice cakes in our village. They worked very hard just to send us off to school to fulfil our dreams. They always say they have nothing to give us but education. Because education is something that cannot be stolen from us. My parents are my role models in life.”




The happy Mount Pleasant (North) family, many of whom happen to be wonderful singers! Enjoy this video!


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