Thank You Robert, Cheryl, Felicia!

Thank you Robert, Cheryl and Felicia of Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Clementi). HAPPY NATIONAL VET TECH WEEK!


Cheryl, Felicia & Robert with Jingle The Warrior & Cherie the Goldie giving you a sneak peek of the all new Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Clementi). Dr Simon Quek has been working at this clinic since 2001. Time to revitalise our space to serve you better!


“I’ve always wanted to help sick animals. I was brought up on a farm & took care of my father’s animals. There was limited access to vet care back then so I thought if I studied for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, I’ll be able to help animals & make a difference.” ~ Robert


“I enjoy cycling & fishing. I used to fish with my father when I was young, to bring food to the table. I have a fish pond back in the Philippines for both business & leisure.”

"My family, my wife and kids inspire me a lot. But it us the Lord Who gives me direction and my faith in Christ gives meaning to everything that I do. I live by this bible verse: I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me (Phil 4:13)."

“My family, my wife & kids inspire me a lot. But it is the Lord who gives me direction & my faith in Christ gives meaning to everything that I do. I live by this bible verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil 4:13).”


“I joined Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Clementi) in 2003. I love what I presently do as a vet technician. One day, I would want to practise in the Philippines or by God’s grace, own a ranch & raise my own livestock.”



“Seeing owners smile when their pets recover or are well taken care of brings me satisfaction & joy. It is very rewarding when you know your efforts have paid off.”


“As a child, I decided there simply wasn’t any other career path for me besides working with animals.” ~ Cheryl


Participating in the Singapore Kennel Club’s Championship Dog Show.


“I joined Mount Pleasant on Valentine’s Day last year. I love providing personal attention to our patients & their families, to see cases from beginning to end. Now, in my 21st year of working with furred, feathered, finned & scaly pets; from grooming to helping feral parrots & cats live with humans to hand raising neonates of many species to nursing in clinical practice, I know I made the right choice all those years ago.”


“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be – working towards my career goals of learning advanced surgical theatre skills & practice management. I also try to be an advocate for welfare of veterinary support staff. I treasure all opportunities to work with the loves of my professional life – rabbits & other pocket pet patients & on emergency & critical care cases.”


“Tammy was hospitalised for skin problems during which her family realised they could not cope with her aggressive behaviour. Tammy bonded with me & I did not hesitate to adopt her. She has improved a fair deal since I brought her home & we will continue to work towards more socially acceptable behaviours.”


“Few people know that I crochet various items for humans & pets. I designed my own pet bed that can be used in multiple ways.” Aren’t these lovely!


“I draw inspiration from people I meet – everyday, simple words true to heart can be inspiring. I believe in the motto: Live & let live. Whatever is meant to be will be when the time is right.”


“I joined Mount Pleasant in August last year. I always love the idea of working with animals, therefore it led me to pursue a diploma in Vet Technology in Temasek Polytechnic. It’s a bonus that my two best friends are also working in Mount Pleasant.” ~ Felicia


“It is very frustrating when we have very sick or dying patients & there is nothing more we can do to make them better. We also meet many rescued homeless strays like Chloe. Thankfully she found a good home!”


“One of the best moments of my job was meeting Gerry! She was a rescued stray & previously our clinic dog. I fell in love with her & had to bring her home. Muffin the corgi is my very first dog. I adopted her from a friend 6 years ago when she was just a pup.”


“I love to see the smiles on my dogs’ faces. Knowing they are happy makes me happy too!”


“I played the piano for over 10 years & I love to sing. I would be a singer If I could! My favourite quote: Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back & realise they were the big things.”





We look forward to meeting you & your animal friends at our newly renovated Mount Pleasant (Clementi)!