Qian Xun Says “Thank You Dr Germaine Lee & Dr Lesley Teo”

Qian xun

Deepest thanks to all the wonderful and passionate doctors, nurses and staff at Mount Pleasant (Whitley) for saving our dearest Qian Xun’s life. Especially Dr Germaine Lee & Dr Lesley Teo.

Despite all the risks and fearing the unknown, we placed Qian Xun’s life in your hands and with caring arms, you’ve brought him back to us, healthy and happier! Is time for 千尋 to say tHAnk yOu 🐾🐾

Watch Qian Xun’s video.

Wendy Tang and Qian Xun

Bam Bam Says “Thank You Dr Nathalee Prakash”

bam bam

Bam Bam  is fighting a brave battle against kidney disease. He’s not out of the woods yet. But with such a band of brothers alongside him, he’s already a winner. These boys are so so loved. (L-R: Luke, Bacon, Astro, Bam Bam)

Bam Bam and Family would like to specially thank Dr Nathalee Prakash for all her care and meticulous attention and most importantly, her never give up character. Thank you!

And we would also like to thank all the nurses and vet techs who have helped us in so many big and small ways. It means alot to us. Also thank you for taking care of Bam Bam when he was hospitalised. Thank you. You all are awesome.

Annie Ho and Bam Bam

Mousy Says “Thank You Dr Keshia Being”


My pet rat Mousy has passed away suddenly from seizure.  Her appetite was poor in past 2 weeks. I fed her baby food, oatmeal, ripe bananas, soft brown rice and yoghurt every 2 to 3 hours. Yesterday, Mousy refused food (still drink fluids), had laboured breathing and was pacing in the cage. I took her out and cradled her to sleep on my chest or lap throughout the day. Mousy was calmer and more relaxed when I massage her belly repeatedly. Had planned to bring Mousy to consult Dr Keshia Beng the following morning but around 9 pm, Mousy woke up from sleep, suddenly had seizure and stopped breathing.

Mousy’s sudden death was upsetting but upon reflection, I take great comfort that Mousy had a peaceful painless death with me cradling her in my arms. Prayers were conducted for Mousy under Buddhism rites and she was buried in the garden.

I would like to express my thanks to Dr Keshia Beng and other vets, technicians, nurses and reception staff at Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang) for the medical care extended to my pet Syrian hamsters and fancy rats Mickey and Mousy. Plus the emotional support to help me better cope with the grief over the past year. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Jasmine P’ng and Mousy

Hershey Says “Thank You Dr Heng Yee Ling”


First week after Hershey’s cataract surgery, praise God! She is recovering really well. And beginning to be more active than usual. I love how she walks more confidently now.

Thank you everyone for your continuing prayers and support. Big thank you to Dr Heng Yee Ling of Mount Pleasant (Farrer) for her professional care post-op! We are truly blessed and grateful.

Dom and Hershey

Georgie Says “Thank You Dr Simon Quek”


An itchy dog is a miserable dog. Speak with Dr Simon Quek at Mount Pleasant (Clementi) if you have a chronically itchy pet. It’s been just a month since Georgie saw Dr Quek. Look at the difference!

If you have an itchy scratchy dog, first rule out parasites like ticks and fleas. Manage environmental allergens like dust mites with regular vacuuming and switch to a novel protein if your dog has food allergies. Anti-inflammatory medication and gentle medicated shampoo will provide some relief while giving your dog’s skin time to heal.

You’re very handsome now Georgie. Well done!

Baffy Says “Thank You Dr Dennis Choi”


We adopted Baffy from Causes for Animals. No one knew his history. He was found in a forested area with a string around his neck, all skin and bones. This boy has never shown any aggression to human being or dog. All he does is love unconditionally.

With Dr Dennis Choi’s clear explanation of Baffy’s condition – oral tumour – we understand surgery will save his life, even if it means removing part of his jaw. Otherwise we might have been paranoid and perhaps too late to help him.

Baffy is now back home enjoying meat balls and soft foods. We cannot be more thankful. Never give up on your pets, especially when they are ill. They need us even more then.

Thank you Dr Dennis Choi and all the wonderful staff at Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang). Baffy‘s new lease of life is a gift from all of you. We are forever grateful! ❤️❤️❤️

Gwen, Fuwang and Baffy

Earl Grey Says “Thank You Dr Kitty Huang”


Earl Grey says big THANK YOU to Dr Kitty Huang and team.

When Faith Tan spotted Earl Grey, he was already injured. She was rushing off to work and managed to get Elaine Yap to send him to AMK Veterinary Surgery (now known as Mount Pleasant Vet Centre, Mandai) where Dr Kitty Huang diagnosed a diaphragmatic hernia. The diaphragm is a muscle that separates the abdomen & the chest. A fall from a high place or car accident can cause it to rupture.

Elaine says, “We started helping community cats simply because of our love for animals and seeing those in need. I’m glad Earl Grey is recovering from surgery. Dr Kitty has been very supportive.”

Best news? Handsome boy has found himself an amazing new home!


Timmy WongChoy Says “Thank You Dr Cheryl Ho & Team”


I wish to thank the veterinary team at Mount Pleasant (Whitley) for the quality service provided to my dog for the past 4 months. My dog Timmy (mixed Whippet adopted from SPCA) was diagnosed with ischemia, where the tip of the tail was injured and difficult to heal.

In April, the vets treated the area and changed the dressing weekly. It recovered but due to excessive wagging, the area bled again. Later Dr Cheryl Ho suggested cutting off the tail by about 2 inches. After surgery, Timmy was hospitalised for two weeks.

During the 2 weeks, Timmy was well looked after and gained weight. The vets were caring and dedicated and kept me updated on Timmy’s condition. After returning home, Timmy needs to go for weekly change of dressing and his tail has recovered and fur has started to grow.

Thank you Dr Cheryl Ho, Dr Lesley Teo, Dr Estella Liew, Ling and all the technicians and assistants for providing excellent medical care and service. Much appreciated!

Keep up the good work.

Rosemary Yam & Timmy WongChoy