Vanessa Lawrence: First We Dream

Fresh faced. Hair back in a casual pony tail. Practical glasses. Fuss free attitude.

Vanessa is here to help the animals.



Many animal lovers carry the same childhood dream in their hearts. “When I grow up, I want to be a vet.” Or simply, “When I grow up, I want to work with animals.”

Some of us pursue our passions relentlessly. Others get detoured repeatedly on the journey. And end up further from what they may always believe they are born to do.

Vanessa is fortunate to have parents and a sister who love animals too. She grew up in a mini zoo and often followed dad to the Singapore Polo Club where he used to work. Her family’s compassion extends beyond animals to the special needs children mom and sister are working with.

In March 2011, Vanessa took a step closer to her dream when she signed up as a volunteer with SPCA. Her passion must have shone through. Before the end of the year, she became a full time staff.


It was at SPCA that Vanessa found love… a small black grumpy-looking fur ball!  Bruno the Pug was given up by his first family as they thought he was causing allergies in the kids.

No loss for a tiny tot with a big attitude.

Bruno is adored by the Lawrences and now has a big sister to conquer the world with.  (Yes, Bruno believes he is born to save the world. Don’t burst his bubble please.)


Bruno with Betty, who chose Vanessa’s sister at SOSD’s adoption drive. So, who rescued who?

With the persistence to do her best for needy animals, it is a natural move for Vanessa to join our big Mount Pleasant family in November 2013 as a Vet Nurse.


Comforting Butter the JRT with suspected spinal injury.

This determined young lady carries her childhood dream close to her heart. There are plans to pursue a diploma in Veterinary Technology. And eventually, be a veterinarian.

Till then, there is good work to be done and animals to be comforted, everyday, at the clinic.


“It’s not just about cuddling cute animals. You have to be prepared to get your hands dirty. At the end of the day, it boils down to having passion and love for all animals. And knowing that you did your best to keep them as happy and comfortable as possible.” ~ Vanessa with JJ, resident Bull Mastiff & retired blood donor at Mount Pleasant Central Veterinary Clinic (Whitley)