ADOPT Grady The 3-Legged Oldie


“Old is gold. Senior dogs make fantastic pets, so adopt ME today!” ~ Grady the 3-legged oldie

[Contributed by Lillian Wang, Three Legs Good]

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, do the right thing – ADOPT, not buy. And do consider adopting a senior dog!

A senior dog is an older dog usually above 5 or 6 years of age (though there is no fixed definition for what makes a dog “senior”). Senior dogs face immense difficulties finding homes as most people simply overlook them. They are seen as not as cute, fun, or “nice and new” as a young puppy. But nothing could be further from the truth.

A senior dog can be the PERFECT pet for many people.

Senior dogs are often more low-energy and less attention-seeking. If you really love dogs and want one as a member of your family, find a dog who suits your lifestyle and personality. Look beyond superficial qualities or age.

Many adult dogs end up in shelters through no fault of their own. They may have started life on the streets. Discarded by unscrupulous breeders or abandoned by their first owners. Dogs are often given up for frivolous reasons: owners moving house, family getting bored with them, “no time” because their maid has left the country.

Still not sure if a senior dog is right for you?

Three Common Myths

Actually, the opposite is true! A puppy’s true temperament is often not revealed entirely until it is fully grown (about 1-2 years old). With senior dogs, more often than not, you have the advantage of observing their true temperament and personality. What you see is what you get!

To be fair, a dog at any age can have health issues. Health issues associated with ageing are inevitable. If you adopt a puppy now, won’t that puppy eventually grow old and potentially have health issues in old age? A dog is for life. Caring for a dog changes with different life stages. If you love dogs, you will do what is right for them, no matter what.

Dogs live in the moment, in the here and now. Once you welcome a dog into your home, he will learn to appreciate his new environment and family, and bond with you. Age is no impediment! Senior dogs are no less loving or loyal than younger dogs. In fact, they may arguably bond with you MORE than a puppy as senior dogs know a good home when they see one. And they will be very grateful.

So the next time you visit a shelter or an adoption drive, look for a senior dog and learn more about him or her. That dog could just be the perfect pet for you!

So… looking for a senior dog? Look no further!

Grady is an approximately 8-year-old 3-legged mongrel. He used to be a street dog in Ubi area and was found one day weak and barely able to stand. He was severely tick infested and emaciated.


When rescued, Grady already had 3 legs (with a proper amputation done) so that part of his history is unknown. He was first taken in by SPCA. Three Legs Good subsequently took over his case.

Grady is in a foster home now and doing well. He has slight arthritis due to his age but is otherwise alert and mobile. He moves about very well on 3 legs. For longer walks, he uses his cart.

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Grady enjoys napping, eating and rubbing his face and back. He tends to bark at dogs that he can’t see very well in the distance… but he gets along great with all humans, including kids and especially humans who bring him food!

Coolest water dish ever. :)

Coolest water dish ever. 🙂

For a wonderful low-energy companion who will hang out with you all day and nap with you, consider adopting Grady! Adoption queries, contact