Georgie Says “Thank You Dr Simon Quek”


An itchy dog is a miserable dog. Speak with Dr Simon Quek at Mount Pleasant (Clementi) if you have a chronically itchy pet. It’s been just a month since Georgie saw Dr Quek. Look at the difference!

If you have an itchy scratchy dog, first rule out parasites like ticks and fleas. Manage environmental allergens like dust mites with regular vacuuming and switch to a novel protein if your dog has food allergies. Anti-inflammatory medication and gentle medicated shampoo will provide some relief while giving your dog’s skin time to heal.

You’re very handsome now Georgie. Well done!

Dr Simon Quek: Happy Father’s Day!

They say dads are a daughter’s first love. And a son’s first hero. This weekend, we send our highest regards to all fathers and celebrate the ever youthful Dr Simon Quek who shows us the best way to teach our children is to lead by example. Breathing the values of commitment and perseverance. Running after your dreams. And never letting go of your wife’s hand. Happy Father’s Day!


from showing to healing 

Dr Quek was showing dogs at dog shows during his teenage years. After junior college, he made up his mind to be a veterinarian.


“The most challenging part of my job is telling families that their time with their pets is up. The most gratifying part is seeing previously itchy dogs stop scratching & having a better quality of life.”


Dr Quek has a strong interest in veterinary dermatology


A common cause of itchy skin in pets is allergies. At Pet Expo 2016, Dr Quek spoke about environmental & food allergies as well as intradermal skin testing which is available at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Clementi).



Team bonding!

pillar of support

A career as a veterinarian takes up  a lot of time and energy. It is hard work and heart work, which you can’t just leave at your  desk at the end of a day. To remain in this vocation – and not sink into compassion fatigue – family support is very important.

“I have a fantastic wife who understands that the working hours of my job can be unpredictable. She doesn’t make a fuss if I get held up.”


Dr Simon Quek with his wife Pei Shih. Holding hands for more than 20 years!


Vacation at Stonehenge

Always make time to date each other. Without the kids!

Always make time to date each other. Without the kids!

And never stop celebrating all the memorable occasions in life.

And never stop celebrating the memorable occasions in life.

work hard for your dreams

When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son. Dr Quek believes in working hard for your dreams and also appreciates the beauty of failure.

“They need to learn how to fail because it is in failing that you learn to pick yourself up.” 

What better way to foster a never-give-up spirit than practising a sport or musical instrument?


Older son Sebastian takes up music & has represented his school in overseas band performances.

Younger son Benedict takes up Taekwondo & has attained black belt.

Younger son Benedict takes up Taekwondo & has since attained black belt.

Besides treating animals, Dr Quek loves to capture birds – on camera. 

6 years ago, I saw a friend’s bird photographs and said ‘Wow! How can I be missing out on all these amazing birds.’ I bought a second hand 500mm lens, took my first bird photos and got hooked.”


Bird photography at Borneo Rainforest Lodge.


Some of Dr Quek’s spectacular photos have been featured in calendars to raise funds for charity

African Paradise Flycatcher_web_02Blue-banded Pitta_web_04Violet Sabrewing_web_04Scarlet Macaw_web_01

you can do it

Whatever you put your mind to, at whatever age, you can do it. Although Dr Quek jokes that taking part in Ironman is due to mid life crisis, it shows the level of determination and fighting spirit in him. 

“I’m currently taking part in half Ironman races. I participate to complete, not compete.”


Half Ironman 70.3 Philippines

Half Ironman finisher at Cebu, Philippines.

Hard earned medal at Half Ironman, Cebu, Philippines.


Completing Ironman 70.3 Vietnam!


Benedict, dad’s biggest supporter!

pace yourself

“Just as in Ironman races, you need to pace yourself in life and career. Strike a balance between work, family and hobbies, otherwise you might just burn out.”


Make time to get away as a family & explore the world.


Boys will be boys! Bonding through shared hobbies.


F1 qualifiers with the boys. Dr Quek says if he is not a veterinarian, he would probably be a race car driver!


Three generations plus a Fluffy


At the end of the day, it’s not about the number of hours you sink into work, the accolades received or how fast you rise in rank. Everything is more meaningful when you have a loving family to come home to. Happy Father’s Day, Dr Quek!