Mount Pleasant Gives Back 2017

Never stop GIVING BACK TO COMMUNITY.  As we step into the second quarter of 2018, let us encourage one another – vets, nurses, rescuers, caregivers – to keep doing what we do best. This is us giving back to our community animals in 2017. #MountPleasantGivesBack 

Dr Gloria Lee and her team at Mount Pleasant (Mandai) organised a Charity Bake Sale to raise funds for MercyLight Adoption and Yishun Tabby Cat.

“All stray feeders out there definitely know the importance of having reliable support from a veterinary clinic to assist and advise us in the area of dog rescue work. It can be very frustrating if we cannot be given a clear picture of a dog’s health status and options of treatment. But this team is wonderful – from the veterinarians themselves to the vet techs to the reception staff – patient, polite, humble, compassionate, forthright and most importantly, a heart for animals (dogs, cats, birds etc). Thank you Dr Gloria, Dr Kitty and your team! God bless you all.” ~ MercyLight Adoption 

Kind folks from MercyLight Adoption

Yishun 326 Tabby Cat with a very generous family – thank you Sab Hirma. See the awesome handcrafted cat houses by our Mandai team!

Our vet tech Wils with Ron from Yishun Tabby Cat. He was regurgitating and vomiting every day. Fluoroscopy confirmed an oesophageal stricture which prevented food from passing through normally. Dr Anthony Goh, Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang), immediately performed an endoscopically-guided balloon dilation to increase the diameter of the oesophagus at the stricture site. After 2 procedures, Ron is eating normally.

Brownie of Noah’s Ark CARES was treated for glaucoma – a condition where there is increased pressure within the eye.

The cornea is the transparent tissue at the front of the eye that lets light into the globe. It is composed of three main layers – epithelium, stroma, endothelium. A slit lamp allows our vets to evaluate your pet’s cornea with a high degree of magnification and resolution.

Senior dogs like Old Boy are prone to eye and joint problems. Dr Ang Yilin, Mount Pleasant (Farrer), diagnosed him with bilateral corneal endothelial degeneration which makes his eyes look cloudy due to fluid retention. There is no pain at this stage. Over time, small bubbles may form within the cornea that could rupture and lead to corneal ulcers. Old Boy goes back with eye ointment to help draw excess water out of the cornea, as well as medications and joint supplements to reduce inflammation and pain.

Cat Welfare Society has been working hard on the ground since 1999, advocating sterilisation, adoption and education to give our community cats a better future. Our teams at Mount Pleasant (North & Whitley) are happy to help CWS sterilise 9 lovely cats under #MountPleasantGivesBack.

Dr Chong Shin Min with Joy and Annie

Oscar, Ava and Mia have all been left behind when their families moved out or relocated. They are now safe with House Rabbit Society Singapore and sterilised by our team at Mount Pleasant (East).

Dr Sarah Wong gives the bunnies a thorough health check before surgery. Female rabbits can be spayed at around 6 months of age. Male rabbits can be neutered younger, once their testicles descend. Sterilised rabbits are generally healthier and calmer.

Gladys with Mia who is very adorable but overweight. That large dewlap (double chin) can make it difficult for her to eat or groom. Obesity in rabbits is usually due to inappropriate diet, e.g. too much pellets and treats, too little grass hay. Speak with your vet about the ideal weight and diet for your bunny.

Fei Fei of Noah’s Ark CARES was treated for skin allergies by our team at Mount Pleasant (Clementi).

Oscar of Noah’s Ark CARES. Besides food allergy, your dog may be scratching and chewing his skin or paws due to ticks, fleas or environmental allergens like pollen, dust mites, tobacco. Manage environmental allergens with regular vacuuming and switch to a novel protein if your dog has food allergies. Anti-inflammatory medication and gentle medicated shampoo provide some relief while giving your dog’s skin time to heal.

A full body shave, health check and blood tests revealed maggot wounds, bad teeth, as well as bronchitis, pneumonia and heartworm disease. Junior looks exhausted but remains sweet and cooperative. She stayed under the care of Dr Chan Mun Ling and team at Mount Pleasant (Bedok) until she was stable for home care.

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease caused by a parasite Dirofilaria immitis which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Left untreated, the worms cause lasting damage to the heart and lungs.

After 2 months of dedicated care by Liz and family, Junior’s health improved and she was ready for heartworm treatment under #MountPleasantGivesBack. Her new name is Maz – a spunky Star Wars character with a very long life.

Tricia with Christmas miracle orphan kitty Nimbus, Cara and Liz with Maz/Junior, Jasmine, Dr Chan Mun Ling with handicapped Hoppy – all rescued and happily adopted. THIS is why we must never stop giving back to community!

We welcome medical stories of your animal friends to educate and inspire others. Email us at and be part of Mount Pleasant community over at our Website and Facebook.

Happy Father’s Day Cary!

He may first appear to be a man of few words. Get to know him better and you will see the limitless knowledge he carries within. And a big genuine heart that wins over colleagues, clients and patients. In the words of his team mates at Mount Pleasant (Farrer), this man is patient, reliable, humble yet comical. He is not just a colleague but a counsellor, father figure, living encyclopaedia and Captain America! Happy Father’s Day Cary!

” I believe, with my role, I can make a difference and touch the lives of not only our patients but also their owners.” ~ Cary with Big Man

“Aaahhh…with that special touch, you can ‘cary’ me all day long!” ~ Blue

“The best part of my job is the ability to help our patients feel or get better. Another thing I love about my job is the people I work with.”

“Our life priorities completely change after starting a family.”

Jennifer and two bundles of joy!

“To be a good father, you need patience. Lots and lots of patience. When life gets tough, you just have to roll with the punches!”

Now here are tributes from some of Cary’s team mates at Mount Pleasant (Farrer)!

“Cary is reliable and understanding. He is our Captain America!” ~ Nelson

“Cary is just like a father to us.” ~ Kerry May

“Cary is such a patient and good teacher. He is also very humble.” ~ Dr Daphne Low

“Cary is a great fatherly figure in the clinic! Knowledgeable and trustworthy, but grounded and comical. Someone we can always count on!” ~ Dr Teo Jia Wen

“Cary is an excellent team leader and father figure to our team.” ~ Dr Heng Yee Ling

“Cary is not just my colleague and senior but also my adviser, my counsellor. I don’t only ask him about work matters but also seek his advice on personal matters like how to handle a growing kid. He is one of a kind. When it comes to knowledge, he is a living encyclopaedia – he knows every single thing! That’s our Cary.” ~ Emz

Happy Father’s Day Joel!

Our parents influence not only our life journeys but possibly the journeys of our children. If there is one lesson we can impart to our kids and them to their kids, let it be “Families stick together. We look out for one another.” Congratulations Joel on your first baby to come – Happy Father’s Day!

Why do you choose to work with animals?

I have various animals since young. From fishes, rodents,  dogs to cats, birds, turtles. I have reared chickens, goats, cows and pigs back in the Philippines too. The feeling that animals project towards me is very satisfying. They teach me to be patient and caring. I also learn to be an innovative and analytical thinker to make their lives more comfortable.

“In our line of work, it is not all cuddles & kisses with our furry friends. Things can go downhill in an instant, thus, every shortcoming is an opportunity for improvement for the team.”

“Our clients’ satisfaction & compliments fuel me to strive harder to provide better care & service to their pets.”

“The continuous knowledge & enhanced skills set I gain motivate me to perform better & give my best in times of crisis.” Read more about Blood Donation for dogs & cats.

“I feel elated whenever we discharge healthy & happy patients. Knowing you have contributed to their recovery & well being is always the best takeaway from my job.”

A weekend of diagnostic imaging with Dr Cathy Beck from University of Melbourne. As Joel says: “The good teacher makes a poor student good and a good student superior.”

Brian Herbert once said “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”. I believe education is a continuous process. It does not stop at the four corners of our school but rather, every day is a learning experience.

Joel & Shella

“I am so ecstatic & looking forward to fatherhood. We have been praying for this blessing for years since we got married. We are thankful that we have been blessed.”

With Cake, the super duper adorable adopted Pug.

“I have been a fur daddy for so long. Now we will have a little human as an addition to our family!”

What are the important lessons from your father that will help you be a good dad?

I have a very religious family and we are inculcated since young to be family-oriented. My father taught me a bible verse that stayed with me while I was growing up: Proverbs 22:6 says “Teach your children right from wrong and when they are grown, they will still do right.”

Being the eldest child, my father always says I am responsible for my siblings while they are away. I take this task very seriously. I learnt a lot from keeping my siblings in line and teaching them the right ways in life.

Super Mommy Dr Clara Chua: Happy Mother’s Day!

To moms, the bell of happiness must sound like children laughing. And perhaps snoring (peace)! Today we celebrate Dr Clara Chua from Mount Pleasant (Changi) who beams with joy and pride of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day Dr Clara. Cheers to caffeine! 

Why did u choose to be a vet?

I was given 6 chicks when I was 12. They were my first pets. Raising them, I felt empathy for animals. It was then that I decided I wanted a career working with animals. And became vegetarian too!

What is the greatest joy and challenge at work?

I’m most happy when sick pets who are brought in become better. Helping our patients improve and making their owners happy makes me happy. Conversely, when our patients don’t improve despite our best efforts to treat them and we start questioning whether they are suffering in spite of what we are doing – emotionally, it’s a hard situation to be in.

Team Changi winning the Best Clinic Deco for Christmas!

Dr Clara Chua’s furkids – Coco and Nikki

What is the toughest part of being a working mom? 

Coping with lack of sleep – just gotta up the caffeine! I’m fortunate to be able to work part-time so I get to spend more time with my daughter in her early years. I’m also fortunate to be able to leave her with my family on my work days. The rest of the time, my husband helps me out whenever he can.

what is your sweetest memories of motherhood?

Emma’s laughter is the sweetest thing! She’s not a ticklish baby so we really enjoy those rare moments when she finds something that is funny and laughs.

any advice for young married women?

Have children whilst you’re young. The fountain of youth will help cope with reduced hours of sleep and a strong healthy body helps with carrying (the equivalent of) a sack of rice for extended periods of time!

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day, Dr Clara!

Super Mommy Hai Ning: Happy Mother’s Day!

The best kind of mommies care for all kinds of babies! This week, we catch up with some of our Super Moms at Mount Pleasant. Happy Mother’s Day, Hai Ning!

The best kind of mommy cares for all kinds of babies!

what’s the toughest part of being a working mom?

Lethargy! I’m basically working 24/7. After I knocked off from my day job at Mount Pleasant (Clementi), I start my second job as mummy to 2 young kids. Receiving help from my family and close friends  really eases my burden.

“I’m really thankful to my colleagues, especially Eunice and Felicia, for always reaching out when they see me struggling.”

Dazzel enjoying some TLC after a surgery to remove a tumour

what is your sweetest memories of motherhood?

When my son wanted to pat me to sleep instead of me patting him to sleep! I think that’s a very sweet gesture.

Hai Ning’s son with Feliz

Hai Ning’s son with Amour

Hai Ning’s daughter with a foster kitty

What advice would you give young women?

Marry someone who is a hands-on hubby and will share your burden, in terms of household chores and taking care of kids. It will really lighten your workload.

I live by the motto “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”. I have to and will be strong for my kids!

Happy National Vet Tech Week – Thank You Concordia!

On behalf of our big Mount Pleasant family, we wish Concordia and all vet techs and nurses around the world – HAPPY NATIONAL VET TECH WEEKThank you for all your hard work, strong stomachs and big loving hearts!


“I joined Mount Pleasant on the day we opened Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital at Whitley – 12 May 1985.”

“Being with animals has always been a part of my life. Back home, we had dogs and cats. I helped to clean the small house of our chickens and feed them before school. Fattening the pigs in our backyard, 5 goats and cattle reared by another farmer.

I enjoyed watching them grow. When they were sold as food animals, I sometimes became reactive and emotional.”


High school days (1st row, first from R).


Concordia & fellow students at the university’s veterinary hospital (2nd row, first from L).


“My parents inspire me. They are not degree holders but the values they instill in us – especially on the importance of education – I will remember forever.”


“It is very rewarding when ultrasound examinations provide important diagnostic information for our vets to prescribe the best treatment quickly.”



“I am happy when pets get well & families are relieved. It is frustrating when we have done our best but the outcome is not good.”


With part of the team at Mount Pleasant Central Vet Clinic


“I am a simple person, not very sociable but sincere with others. I put my heart & mind in whatever I do.”

Watch this space as we feature some of our vet techs, nurses and admin staff this month!

Dr Simon Quek: Happy Father’s Day!

They say dads are a daughter’s first love. And a son’s first hero. This weekend, we send our highest regards to all fathers and celebrate the ever youthful Dr Simon Quek who shows us the best way to teach our children is to lead by example. Breathing the values of commitment and perseverance. Running after your dreams. And never letting go of your wife’s hand. Happy Father’s Day!


from showing to healing 

Dr Quek was showing dogs at dog shows during his teenage years. After junior college, he made up his mind to be a veterinarian.


“The most challenging part of my job is telling families that their time with their pets is up. The most gratifying part is seeing previously itchy dogs stop scratching & having a better quality of life.”


Dr Quek has a strong interest in veterinary dermatology


A common cause of itchy skin in pets is allergies. At Pet Expo 2016, Dr Quek spoke about environmental & food allergies as well as intradermal skin testing which is available at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Clementi).



Team bonding!

pillar of support

A career as a veterinarian takes up  a lot of time and energy. It is hard work and heart work, which you can’t just leave at your  desk at the end of a day. To remain in this vocation – and not sink into compassion fatigue – family support is very important.

“I have a fantastic wife who understands that the working hours of my job can be unpredictable. She doesn’t make a fuss if I get held up.”


Dr Simon Quek with his wife Pei Shih. Holding hands for more than 20 years!


Vacation at Stonehenge

Always make time to date each other. Without the kids!

Always make time to date each other. Without the kids!

And never stop celebrating all the memorable occasions in life.

And never stop celebrating the memorable occasions in life.

work hard for your dreams

When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son. Dr Quek believes in working hard for your dreams and also appreciates the beauty of failure.

“They need to learn how to fail because it is in failing that you learn to pick yourself up.” 

What better way to foster a never-give-up spirit than practising a sport or musical instrument?


Older son Sebastian takes up music & has represented his school in overseas band performances.

Younger son Benedict takes up Taekwondo & has attained black belt.

Younger son Benedict takes up Taekwondo & has since attained black belt.

Besides treating animals, Dr Quek loves to capture birds – on camera. 

6 years ago, I saw a friend’s bird photographs and said ‘Wow! How can I be missing out on all these amazing birds.’ I bought a second hand 500mm lens, took my first bird photos and got hooked.”


Bird photography at Borneo Rainforest Lodge.


Some of Dr Quek’s spectacular photos have been featured in calendars to raise funds for charity

African Paradise Flycatcher_web_02Blue-banded Pitta_web_04Violet Sabrewing_web_04Scarlet Macaw_web_01

you can do it

Whatever you put your mind to, at whatever age, you can do it. Although Dr Quek jokes that taking part in Ironman is due to mid life crisis, it shows the level of determination and fighting spirit in him. 

“I’m currently taking part in half Ironman races. I participate to complete, not compete.”


Half Ironman 70.3 Philippines

Half Ironman finisher at Cebu, Philippines.

Hard earned medal at Half Ironman, Cebu, Philippines.


Completing Ironman 70.3 Vietnam!


Benedict, dad’s biggest supporter!

pace yourself

“Just as in Ironman races, you need to pace yourself in life and career. Strike a balance between work, family and hobbies, otherwise you might just burn out.”


Make time to get away as a family & explore the world.


Boys will be boys! Bonding through shared hobbies.


F1 qualifiers with the boys. Dr Quek says if he is not a veterinarian, he would probably be a race car driver!


Three generations plus a Fluffy


At the end of the day, it’s not about the number of hours you sink into work, the accolades received or how fast you rise in rank. Everything is more meaningful when you have a loving family to come home to. Happy Father’s Day, Dr Quek!

Mabel Cheah: Toughing It Out

The hospital is one of the toughest places to work in.

We do our best for our patients. We make the kindest decisions for those we cannot save. We grieve with a family who just lost their old friend. We laugh with a couple who got a new kitten.

We feel all kinds of emotions but cannot get too emotional.

I guess that’s what it means to “tough it out”. No matter what the weather. Or how you feel. We wake up every morning to do the things that need to be done. 


when did you join the mount pleasant family?

When I was younger, I always brought my pets to the vets at Mount Pleasant. After graduating from Otago Polytechnic (New Zealand), I was offered a job in a vet clinic. A year later, in 2011, I joined Mount Pleasant and have never left! 

What makes me stay? Definitely the team I’m working with. The best part is making some really good friends, learning from my team mates and being able to do so much more for our patients. 


Concordia, Rosemarie, Verg, Annie, Amanda, Mabel with Dags & Bow, the beloved residents of Mount Pleasant Central Veterinary Clinic!

Working in a vet clinic can be very emotional. How do you cope?

Usually I’ll cry when it comes to coping with loss or helplessness or when I’m feeling extremely frustrated. I need to get it out of my system before I can think straight. I try to look at things from all directions and make sense of it. To de-stress, I surf the internet with my cats lying around or on me!


Kitties! Mia, Momo, Puck & Milly.

Momo mia and foster

Momo & Mia all grown up, with foster kitty Astro.

Astro loves Momo!

Astro loves Momo!

have you always wanted to work with animals?

From the time I was 16, I knew what I want to do when I grow up. It was either F&B, sports (I was a runner in my school days) or animals. I eventually chose animals because I couldn’t see myself in sports or F&B when I get older.

If I could be anything in the world, I would be a surgeon. I enjoy the adrenaline rush!

do you remember your very first pet?

Coffee joined our family when I was just 3. We grew up together. After my elder sisters left Singapore to study in New Zealand, Coffee and I grew even closer. I loved Coffee a lot. It was really hard when I had to let her go. She was a huge part of my childhood. I don’t think I can ever find another dog like her.


Do you consider yourself brave?

I think being brave is to choose and be so sure about what you want to do in life.

The good thing about me (sometimes the down side too) is that I can be extremely patient. Life is tough. That’s just how it is. I do not waste time sulking or complaining. When things are rough, I will tough it out till it is over.


As they say, “tough times never last, tough people do”. We hope Mabel will “tough it out” with our Mount Pleasant family for many many more years to come!

Meet the rest of the family at Mount Pleasant Central Veterinary Clinic (Whitley)!
IMG_1630 copy

Dr Cheryl Ho

DSC_7684 copy

Dr Lesley Teo with her cat Mika

Dr Estella Liew with her dog Mason

Dr Estella Liew with her dog Mason

Daffin, Eunice, Janice with Hoki & Mason

Daffin, Eunice, Janice with Hoki & Mason


Marc, Song & Vanessa with Panda


The big family at Mount Pleasant Central Veterinary Clinic (Whitley)!

Children & Pets Can Live Together – Safely & Happily!

Looking after children and pets is a lot of hard work. But not an impossible task. Dr Chan Mun Ling shares her personal experiences, benefits of having pets, managing allergies and the life lessons children learn when we keep our promises, even when the going gets tough.

Because pets are family. And families stay together.

Keeping a pet is big decision that impacts the entire family. It is a commitment to care for and love your pets for the rest of their lives. The most common pets that kids grow up with are dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents.

Dr Chan’s daughter Yi Tian grew up with Biscuit who was found roaming the streets 8 years ago. Yitian walks Biscuit daily at the park. It is a great way to know the neighbourhood kids when they come over to play with Biscuit!

Dr Chan’s daughter Yi Tian grew up with Biscuit who was found roaming the streets 8 years ago. Yi Tian walks Biscuit daily at the park. A great way to know the neighbourhood kids when they come over to play with Biscuit!

  • By including your children in the daily care of your pet like feeding, walking and bathing, they learn responsibility, empathy and compassion.
  • The emotional bonding helps to increase a child’s confidence and improve social skills with people.
  • Having outings to exercise a dog improves our fitness and builds a stronger family bond.
  • Going to the vet together as a family can be an educational and meaningful experience.
  • It is always sad to see a family grieve over the loss of a beloved pet but it does teach children about mortality and to accept loss in life.

Asher walking Kizmet. Children gain confidence and learn self-discipline when given the responsibility to care for an animal.

William enjoys happy outings with his parents & furry best friends Torey & Lucey! “There is a strong bond between William & Lucy. She loves him just as he is. She doesn’t judge him, doesn’t care how he looks, if he is smart, friendly or shy. Her unconditional love will teach him a lot in life. Torey is a confident & happy boy who teaches William it is perfectly OK to be himself!” ~ William’s mom, Mami.

William enjoys outings with his parents and furry best friends Torey & Lucy! “There is a strong bond between William and Lucy. She loves him just as he is. She doesn’t judge him, doesn’t care how he looks, if he is smart, friendly or shy. Her unconditional love will teach him a lot in life. Torey is a confident boy who shows William it is perfectly OK to be himself!” ~ William’s mom, Mami.

Dr Ng Yi Lin’s Labrador, Rocky, spending time with her nephew Kae Yan before he passed away last year at a grand age of 16. Pets teach children about the miracle of birth & also the reality of pain & death.

Dr Ng Yi Lin’s nephew Kae Yan with her Labrador Rocky who passed away last year at a grand age of 16. Pets teach children about the miracle of birth & the realities of ageing & death, giving them opportunities to express their feelings & accept comfort in tough times.


There are allergy-triggering proteins called allergens in an animal’s fur, dander (skin flakes) and saliva. Signs of allergies include itchy watery eyes, rashes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, or wheezing. Even if your children are not sensitive to allergens, good personal and environmental hygiene must be maintained at all times.

Hannah & Logan with little Rebecca. Cages of small animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds should be thoroughly cleaned out at least once a week to reduce pet allergens in the house.

Hannah and Logan with little Rebecca. Small animal cages should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. Remove droppings, soiled bedding & uneaten food daily.

  • Groom and shower your pets regularly. Dogs and cats can be bathed once a week to reduce airborne allergens.
  • Keep your dog’s and cat’s fur coat short to reduce dander and allergens in the environment.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor frequently.
  • Invest in a good air purifier with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.
  • Wash pet beds, rugs, pillows, blankets frequently, preferably in hot water.
  • If your children are sensitive to pet allergens, keep pets off furniture and out of bedrooms. If your dog/cat already has a favourite spot on the couch, cover that area with a cloth which you can wash easily.
  • Remove soft toys, carpets and excess furniture which trap dust and dander. Declutter!
  • Make sure your children wash their hands with soap and water after playing with their pets.
  • Some clients who are allergic to their cat have opt to surgically remove the cat’s anal glands as this reduces the allergens markedly. Allergic reaction to that particular cat usually reduces dramatically although this differs from person to person.

Summer with Ari. Some days, all we need is nature & animals.

Summer with Woody & Jezza.

Summer with Ari, Woody and Jezza. Pets can be among the most loyal companions & greatest teachers in our life.


Some kids might be overly rough or clumsy around animals. It is unfair to expect our pets to endure poking, pulling or screaming from children. Even the most good-natured pet can react by biting or scratching in self-defence if they are handled poorly.

Our adopters & volunteer , Vik's and Cynthiya's twin babies Ashwin & Sandra turn 10months old tdy~ 👏 They also have 3 furbabies adopted fr HRSS whom they love dearly.

Vik & Cynthiya not only volunteer with House Rabbit Society Singapore, they adopted 3 bunnies. Giving up their pets was never an option even when they had twin babies Ashwin and Sandra. The couple put in twice the amount of effort to make time for all the little ones and supervise the twins when they interact with their bunny brothers.

  • Always supervise your children closely when they are around animals. Never leave them alone.
  • Some animals do not like to be picked up, hugged or kissed. Others may not mind at all. Know your pets well so you can teach your children to interact gently and appropriately with them.
  • Rabbits and rodents are physically delicate and sensitive creatures. Handle them for short periods of time.
  • Make sure your pets have somewhere quiet to retreat to when they want to be left alone.
Finn with Rexy & Dukey. Children should be taught from a young age that animals are living, breathing, feeling creatures.

Finn with Rexy and Dukey. When taught the right ways from a young age, children can develop a special relationship with their pets.

All life deserves respect, kindness & love.

And become the best of friends.

With thanks to contributors for valuable information and photos:
Dr Chan Mun Ling, Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Bedok)Dr Ng Yi Lin, Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East)Mabel Cheah, Mount Pleasant Central Vet Clinic (Whitley)House Rabbit Society SingaporeStephanie MoncktonMami Naka.