ACS (Barker Road) Student Attachment Programme

We believe in educating our community in animal care and veterinary medicine, especially students who are considering the pathways to be a veterinarian.

In November, a group of Secondary 3 boys from ACS (Barker Road) came to “work” at our clinics. Some are so inspired and eager to learn, they came for extra days!


“I love dogs. Job shadowing in a vet clinic is unique and interesting, not something I can do whenever I want.” ~ Joel Mathews with Mason at Mount Pleasant Central Vet Clinic (Whitley)


“The most challenging part of being a vet, in my opinion, is having patience and perseverance.”


“Having patience in handling pets, especially difficult animals. And having perseverance as the doctors need to take on night shifts and perform surgeries which may take a few hours.”


“The best part of being a vet is the opportunity to work with animals. They bring joy to your working life!”


“I’m an avid animal lover. Becoming a vet is a very natural choice for me, having been surrounded by animals since I was born. Through this job shadowing opportunity, I had a feel of what a vet’s life is like and learnt to be a better companion to my pets.” ~ Leon Saint Claire with Sophie at Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Mandai)


“Sometimes, vets face problems which they have to resolve quickly. They have to think fast and not hesitate. Another challenge is the difficult decision of euthanasia – a life is on the line, for better or for worse. Hence, I feel that vets cannot crack under pressure. They must make the right decisions for the well being of the animal, and also the owner.”


“Job shadowing strengthened my conviction to be a vet. Seeing an animal’s flame rekindled gives you a sense of satisfaction. You feel joyous for helping the family and improving the life of an animal – be it a bird, cat, hamster or dog. Furthermore, a growing stray population may give rise to more animal abuse. By becoming a vet, I may be able to make a positive difference to this predicament. That’s the beauty of being a vet – it is more than just a job.”


“I chose to job shadow at a vet clinic as I have a strong interest in animals and have dogs since I was born. We had a Maltese. After he passed, we welcomed Bambi and Belle into our family. They are Labradoodles which we personally chose from England after meeting their parents to check for any hereditary issues.” ~ Brandon Au Yong with Guan Wei at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East)


“I love animals and want to help them get better. I have plans to pursue a veterinary degree in Australia. During job shadowing, I learnt how to take better care of my dogs and how to observe their behaviour for signs that they are unwell. I also learnt how various blood test machines work.”


“The hardest part was to witness blood from certain surgeries or teeth extractions as I associate blood with pain. The vets do their best to relieve pain and perform procedures as quickly as possible. The best part of this whole experience – I was able to interact with animals and help care for them as well as interact with vets and technicians to learn about the industry and their work.”


“When I was young, we stayed with my extended family and 10 dogs. I love our dogs and my interest lasted through the years till now when only 2 dogs remained.” ~ Michael Boey at Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Changi)


“Our dogs are old and have had their fair share of visits to the vet. I’m always interested to learn what goes on in a consultation and when animals are hospitalised. Being a vet is one of my dream jobs.”


“For an animal lover, the contact with animals is possibly one of the best parts of being a vet. I cannot bear seeing any animal sick. I would want to find out what is affecting them and how we can nurse them back to health.”


David with Sophie at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Bedok)


Daniel at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (North)

Under Mount Pleasant Community Outreach – Education, our programmes include talks at schools and organisations, project collaboration, work experience, student attachments and clinic visits. Email to be part of our outreach! 

Earl Grey Says “Thank You Dr Kitty Huang”


Earl Grey says big THANK YOU to Dr Kitty Huang and team.

When Faith Tan spotted Earl Grey, he was already injured. She was rushing off to work and managed to get Elaine Yap to send him to AMK Veterinary Surgery (now known as Mount Pleasant Vet Centre, Mandai) where Dr Kitty Huang diagnosed a diaphragmatic hernia. The diaphragm is a muscle that separates the abdomen & the chest. A fall from a high place or car accident can cause it to rupture.

Elaine says, “We started helping community cats simply because of our love for animals and seeing those in need. I’m glad Earl Grey is recovering from surgery. Dr Kitty has been very supportive.”

Best news? Handsome boy has found himself an amazing new home!


Sparky Says “Thank You Dr Tricia Ling”


Our beloved Shetland Sheepdog, Sparky, has been going to AMK Veterinary Surgery (now known as Mount Pleasant Vet Centre, Mandai)  since he was a puppy. When he was 13 years old, we met Dr Tricia Ling.

Dr Tricia is the most proactive, detailed and compassionate vet we’ve seen all these years. Instead of the usual and nonchalant “it is normal” or “it is like that” from other vets, Dr Tricia really spent time explaining her findings and showing us theoretical visuals to compare with Sparky’s.

My husband and I truly appreciate the patience and care Dr. Tricia and her team of vet techs had given to Sparky. He passed yesterday. Nevertheless, we sincerely felt he was in good hands.

We are grateful to Dr Tricia Ling and her team.

Laura and Sparky